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Zoology Genetics Laboratory

The NMMU Genetics Laboratory, based in the Zoology Department in the Biology Building on South Campus, offers a newly renovated and clean work space for those interested in investigating population genetics. It has three workbenches housing places for 12 people, a Robot room, PCR room, electrophoresis bench and a walk-in -20°C freezer for long-term storage. Two -40°C freezers are also available.

Key pieces of equipment in this lab include an Eppendorf automated liquid handling system, ABI sequencer, Bio-Rad Real-Time PCR machine (qPCR) and a PCR-Workstation.

Genetics Lab  Genetics Lab

Genetics Lab  Genetics Lab

Contact information
Mr Matthys Potgieter
Lecturer: Zoology
Tel: +27 41 504 1320

Dr Alastair Potts
Senior Lecturer and NRF Research Career Advancement Fellow
Tel: 082 491-7275 / 041 504-2396